Actor Taurean Blacque, acted in drama ‘Hill Street Blue,s’ passed away at 82 

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Middleton posted pictures of his father dressed as Washington, complete with the newsboy cap and toothpick-wielding grin that are his trademarks. Thank you for your thoughts, messages, and calls to my family and I, he captioned the photo. This afternoon at 2:52 EST, my dad passed away. 

Blacque co-starred in “Hill Street Blues” for all seven seasons of the well-liked NBC police drama with Michael Warren, Daniel J. Travanti, Charles Haid, Michael Conrad, and Bruce Weitz.

Blacque received an Emmy mention in 1982 for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for the series, which lasted from 1981 until 1987. The sitcom developed by Steven Bochco and Michael Kozoll, “Hill Street Blues,” actually won the award that year, with all 5 nominations. Warren, Haid, Conrad, and Weitz were other 4 candidates.

Blacque, who changed his name from his given name owing to his race and astrological sign (Taurus), continued his acting career on television, appearing for two years as Henry Marshall on the NBC serial opera “Generations” in 1989–1990. After moving to Atlanta, Georgia, Blacque participated in a number of shows at the Alliance Theatre of Atlanta. One of his standout roles was in the James Baldwin drama “The Amen Corner,” where he appeared with Carol Mitchell-Leon, Elizabeth Omilami, and Crystal Fox.

Detective Neal Washington, played by Blacque, was a seasoned police officer who was renowned yet harsh, and who was easily recognised by his toothpick and hat. One of the ten regulars that appeared on television every week for the duration of it’s own existence was Blacque.

12 children, several of them Blacque orphaned, 18 grandchildren, and 2 great grandkids remain. Additionally, he served as the county of Los Angeles Adoption Service’s spokesperson. 

George H.W. Bush requested Blacque to step into the role of official spokesman for adoption in 1989. 12 children, 18 grandchildren, and two great grandkids still live. His family kept his death’s precise cause a secret. His fans are continuously paying tribute to their favorite artist who made them fall in love with television. Taurean Blacque will always be remembered in the world of acting.