Frank Fritz’s acted in “American Pickers” suffered from stroke, reveals co-host, Mike Wolfe

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Mike Wolfe recently gave his input about Frank Fritz’s health. He posted an update on his social account with a heart-wrenching statement, “Actor famous for American Pickers had suffered from a stroke and is now under observation”.

Wolfe, 58, posted a picture of Fritz, 56, grinning on Instagram and wrote, “I have been extremely secretive in the past year in relation to Frank’s life and the trip he’s been on “.

Frank Fritz
Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz on ‘American Pickers/ image credit – yahoo finance

Public and other people from the same background had made most of the comments on my friendship with Frank and the programme, but right now is not the moment to address them. This moment is to send prayers for him and keep him in your prayers so that he recovers soon.

He announced that he is hospitalized after getting a stroke and please pray for his speedy recovery.

Wolfe concluded with a heartfelt note for Fritz “Frank I sincerely hope you get through this incident. I cherish you, friend.”

The ups and downs of their friendship have been discussed openly by Fritz and Wolfe. The two apparently participated in the reality series American Pickers aired on “The History Channel”, which began in 2010.

According to the channel, the well-liked program followed Wolfe and Fritz as they traversed the nation and “make a career by restoring neglected treasures to their former splendor, converting one person’s trash into another’s treasure.”

Fritz revealed to another media source the previous year in July month that he had quit the show and was no longer in touch with Wolfe. To that he replied, the former co-host, Wolfe, said he will miss him.

As they reveal about their warm bond, “I personally know Frank since long and he has been like a brother to me.” “Like all of life, the road that Frank, Dani (Danielle), and I embarked upon in 2009 was like roses have thorns, including blessings and hardships that turned out to be fruitful. Like others, even I wish for his success and happiness. I miss him and only pray for positive things to happen to him as he continues on his path.”