Ari Fournier makes her girlfriend, Cole Sprouse birthday special by capturing all special moments

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Ari Fournier/instagram

Partner Ari Fournier has not left any stone unturned in giving Cole Sprouse a special birthday shout-out and full of surprises.

The Riverdale actor’s girlfriend, 23, posted a number of images of the couple getting intimate on Instagram on Thursday. These included shots of the couple kissing and cuddling as well as a snapshot of the duo in a photo booth. Sprouse is still sporting his black hair in the first image.

Fournier captioned the adorable pictures, writing, “It’s hard to express the reality with just a couple of pictures and videos. Even the words cannot convey how much fun we have together & how much I enjoy celebrating life daily with you.” I live my life with you, he said .

On his birthday, she said, “Happy birthday my darling, cheers to 30. I’m honestly the happiest girl in the world”. “Wish you all the success and Happiness in this world”, she concluded.

Since then, they have been official on Instagram and occasionally shared some adorable moments with followers. And their admirers love to see them together. They post comments on their photographs and with them the good luck.

Ari Fournier
Ari Fournier- image by social media

Last August, Sprouse celebrated Fournier’s 23rd birthday with a unique collection of images that included the French-Canadian model. The birthday was full of surprises.

The Riverdale actor opened the photo gallery with a glamorous photograph of Fournier sipping white wine, which was followed by pictures of the model sipping red wine and toasting, as well as a candid image of the model consuming what appears to be her go-to booze. All the pictures of the actress shows she is having fun and drinks in her hand.

He thereafter took additional videos and pictures of the star eating in-camera, showing her devouring a burrito in one, noodles in another, a McDonald’s burger in another, and finally an ice cream cone in yet another.

The caption on the photo of Sprouse’s celebration read: “Birthday gal gonna kick my ass for these pictures’ ‘, says Fournier.

Here’s all what they both do when they are together.