Arjona’s relationship status is still a mystery

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Adria Arjona/ imahe by social media

During the epidemic, Adria Arjona, who portrays the eponymous Rebel Alliance officer Cassian Andor, flew together all way to London to try out with Diego Luna for the role. Tony Gilroy, the series creator, welcomed Arjona to Star Wars in under ten minutes. On the planet Ferris, Arjona portrays Bix Caleen, a mechanic and one of Cassian’s longest pals. 

It is implied that the two characters had unrequited emotions for each other during their initial interaction, which causes Bix’s current love interest, Timm, to betray her by denouncing Cassian to Imperial Security out of jealousy.

The origin of Bix and Cassian’s romance still seems to be unclear, according to new source.

They were childhood pals, and the question “Were they once quite in love?” lingers, claims the Hollywood Reporter, Arjona. It is therefore somewhat unknown, but during the course of their long friendship, trust has been established, shattered, then re-established, and then once more broken. It kind of stinks that she always chooses him instead of everything else.

The first three episodes of Andor have now debuted on Disney+, and reviews have indeed been generally favorable given that the program is a refreshing contrast to the previous Star Wars programs. Arjona attributes this new course of action to one person.

“Tony is very much responsible for the decisions that are made throughout the show with regard to the writing, the sets, the costumes, and the worlds, thinking, “I believe it’s that, I believe it was that, and I think it’s that. We used to have a cruel boss, so that’s why works,” asserts Arjona.

In a recent teaser interview with news, Arjona also relates the tale of how, throughout a perilous period of the outbreak, her mother gave her the encouragement she needed to fly to London and audition.

Yes, it’s challenging to discuss her at this early stage. She is, after all, immensely pragmatic, gutsy, bold, and loyal sometimes even to her own disadvantage.

Yes, it’s challenging to discuss her at this preliminary phase. She is, after all, immensely pragmatic, gutsy, brave, and loyal sometimes almost at her own disadvantage. She has such a strong sense of responsibility for others around her that it really takes her on a trip. And in a sense, I do adore her. She’s only the best, in my opinion.