Brittany Mahomes posted hugging Taylor Swift at Kansas Chief game in Baltimore

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Swift’s adorable bond with Kansas City Chiefs teammate Brittany Mahomes persisted as the squad touched to reach the 2024 Super Bowl game on Sunday.

Swift supported her boyfriend Travis Kelce by going to this weekend’s AFC Championship game in Baltimore, Maryland. In the end, the Chiefs prevailed, and Swift celebrated with the tight end on the field.

Swift’s close friend Keleigh Sperry was there as well. On her Instagram Story, Sperry posted a couple pictures from the game, one of which showed Swift, 34, and Brittany, 28, cuddling up in what looked like a suite at M&T Stadium.

Since starting to date Kelce last year, Brittany who is married to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes became friends with Swift. They share a good bond. 

The couple, who have a handshake for the big game, recently went to a game in identical jackets and coordinated their dinner plans at Nobu in New York City with Cara Delevingne.

Following Sunday’s triumph, Swift and 34-year-old Kelce had a cute kiss on the field that was captured on video. As the pair enjoyed their special moment, his parents, Donna and Ed Kelce, adored them.

On February 11, the Super Bowl match will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Chiefs will take on the NFC Championship game victors.