Chrissy Teigen is going to embrace motherhood once again with her husband John Legend

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image by social media

In her Instagram post, Chrissy Teigen confirmed her pregnancy news of her second child with husband John Legend. Almost two years after losing her baby, Teigen posted on Instagram that the pair had been blessed with another opportunity as she posed showing off her naked baby belly and added an emotional caption.

Teigen stated in her post announcing the wonderful news, “The previous few years have been a flurry of emotions to put it mildly, but joy has filled our house and hearts again.” The actor could be seen taking a mirror selfie while showing off her growing baby bulge in the image that was posted with the article”.

Teigen said in her statement that she is feeling fantastic and positive.

The pair was trying to conceive for a long time and she addressed her complications. Meantime, she lost one baby during her pregnancy.

Chrissy also discussed how difficult it has been to conceive again in the message she published, saying, “Every time I go in for a checkup, I tell myself, if it’s healthy today, I’ll announce but when I hear a heartbeat, I realise I’m still too anxious. However, thus far, everything is flawless and lovely. I don’t think I’ll ever leave a meeting feeling more excited than nervous.”

Fans and friends of Chrissy showed their support for her joyful news. Octavia Spencer, Tan France, Kate Hudson, and other celebrities sent her congratulations, among them Irina Shayk.

Luna, age 6, and Miles, age 4, are the other children Chrissy and John have. After the couple miscarried and lost their baby Jack, Teigen revealed a year later that she had begun in vitro fertilisation in an effort to get pregnant once more.

In order to conceive another child with her husband John Legend, she underwent IVF therapy. Teigen announced that she was getting ready for a new baby on Instagram over a year after losing her son Jack to miscarriage. Teigen begged people to stop enquiring about her pregnancy in a recent post as she gets hurt while thinking about the same.