“Doctor Advice to take more precautions by staying at home”, reveals mom-to be Heather Rae EI

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A 40-year-old HGTV personality, Heather Rae EI expressed her joy towards the family vacations to Cabo are always a fantastic idea. As she is expecting a child, her gynaecologist recommended her to stay home and focus on her health. In response to that they announced on social media that the trip has to be cancelled due to the doctors precautions.

She claimed, “Staying in a villa and having a blast with my complete family and our kids.” The El Moussa family will be here if you need us. Experiences like these are nothing without your family or close friends to share them with”.

He added the message, addressing his wife, “Just missing those stays like mad but doctors instructions come first!!”

Heather also noted the missing trip in a subsequent Instagram post when she was daydreaming about nursery layouts. I’m trying to utilise this time to do some nesting and preparing, but she still thinks about her husband and the kids while they’re in Cabo, she said in part.

Heather Rae EI
Heather Rae EI- image by social media

Throughout her pregnancy, Heather Rae El Moussa is strictly adhering to her doctor’s recommendations.

Heather decided not to go because she wanted to exercise extreme caution and stay away from potential hazards like the Zika virus and food sickness.

She gave a statement that her physician had said, “Sickness is not worth it. You should avoid all risks you can. Exposures that are unavoidable are distinct.”

Early in the following year, the couple revealed the gender of the baby, “It’s a boy”.

When the actor learned they were expecting, they were still in the middle of IVF procedures and had even planned a date to transfer an embryo the following fall, they said in the statement.

Since learning that they would soon have a brother, Heather’s step kids have been “kind and supportive,” she observed.

The way life operates is bizarre. You may go from wondering when “the one” would come into your life to meeting the love of your life, supporting the upbringing of two amazing children, getting married, dreaming of having a child, and finally becoming in the space of one minute, she said.