Ezra Miller in headlines due to arrest in Hawaii; Rumours amid of getting replaced in “The Flash”

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ezra miller- image by social media

Ezra Miller has been embroiled in a number of scandals, including his most recent arrests in Hawaii. Fans have had conversations on social media about whether the actor should be replaced in The Flash online, but it appears Warner Bros. has no such plans till date. Particularly, much more to everyone’s shock, Warner Bros CEO David Zaslav talked about the new documentary that is going to be aired soon.

The Flash, which is scheduled for release in 2023, is hunting the headlines due to the most recent Comic-Con, when the studio’s other titles, when the actors topped the charts of primary topics of conversation and luckily, both of its star casts made appearances. The Flash was eagerly anticipated by fans since it marks Michael Keaton’s first comeback as Batman in 30 years since he originally played the superhero.

Presently, two occurrences in Hawaii involving Ezra Miller made hot news. The actor was detained and charged with disorderly behaviour in connection with both instances. While rumours claimed that Warner Bros. would replace Miller as The Flash, a superhero in light of the scandals.

Zaslav discussed the largest projects without making reference to Miller “Shazam 2, Black Adam, and The Flash have all been viewed. We are quite enthusiastic about them. We have witnessed them. They are excellent in our opinion, but we believe they can be improved “according to a news source, during a business call.

Considering just how major celebrity has been associated with various controversies, the mention of The Flash movie surprised many people.

Miller, who portrayed Barry Allen, alias the Flash, in the 2018 film Justice League, has been accused of abusive conduct. He is accused of several things, including attempting to choke an Icelandic lady at a club and harassing another woman in her Berlin home. Additionally, Ezra was detained twice for disruptive behaviour in Hawaii.

As described in a fight that took place in a pub in Hawaii, he misbehaved. After the initial altercation at the karaoke club, Miller was later detained again in Hawaii for second-degree assault.

The movie’s release date has been announced to be aired in June 2023.