False rumour of gunfire created chaos at the Wiz Khalifa performance

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Wiz Khalifa /image by social media

At a Wiz Khalifa and Logic performance in a suburb of Indianapolis on Friday, a false rumour of a mass shooting sparked panic among the crowd, prompting some to scramble over seats and fences to escape the area.

The accident took place at the Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana, at about 10:28 p.m., as per a release from office, following a complaint of “a disturbance” from the grass seating section of the outdoor event. All of the neighboring individuals started to leave the location on foot as soon as security personnel arrived. According to the report, every gate, notably non-public exits, were opened as part of the emergency management plan.

“Police personnel sent out several fast reaction teams and searched the area. They didn’t find any firearms”.

According to the authorities, three individuals got minor injuries and were sent to nearby hospitals on the spot.

The venue’s manager, expressed their appreciation for such a response to the situation and released a statement, “We thank employees and local authorities for working immediately to help everyone in attendance”.

Twitter users shared a video of spectators departing the stage when Khalifa was performing onstage until abrupt panic started. Some fans were seen rushing while others were perplexed by the ruckus. The individual photographing the situation observes that no metal detectors were used to screen people in the crowd just before performance.

The man’s pal comments, “I didn’t really hear a pistol go off.” An attendee and reporter for the news source, also claimed on Twitter that he didn’t even hear any gunfire.

This summer’s mass panic during a concert marks the third occurrence of its kind. Three persons were hurt when hundreds of concertgoers fled the Lovers and Friends music festival in Las Vegas in May as a result of bogus claims of  “deteriorating security personnel.”

In an attempt to depart early from his job in August, an 18-year-old security guard at Lollapalooza in Chicago made up a mass shooting warning. The lady, Janya B. Williams, was detained and is accused of filing a false terrorist accusation, a crime.