ItsSliker, Twitch presenter gambled influencers for $200,000

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image by social media

A news broke on social media when a ItsSliker, a Twitch presenter and longtime a member of Team Liquid, agreed that she stole an amount thought to be well over $200,000 from supporters and followers in order to fund a burgeoning gambling habit.

The news came in the public when the debtors started sharing their experiences on social media.

The truth came out as the content creator’s web of lies and dishonesty come tumbling down.

She gave a statement while admitting her crime, “I used to lose a large amount of cash gambling. In essence, all my Stream earnings”.

ItsSliker said in apology, “Whenever I came across streamers, I would approach them and beg for a loan of cash. Naturally, I wouldn’t reveal the cause. I would tell them lies because of the gambling trick. They promised to return the stolen funds, saying they “never intended to defraud anyone.”

She started losing her money due to which she chose this way of stealing money from her influencers through emotional tactics.

Whenever a video of ItsSliker pleading for funds was published by a user on Stream whose username was also revealed.

Before requesting assistance from their fans and making a promise to pay them back within the next few months, the uploader alleges to have refused entrance to their financial institution. As instantly as the video was released on Subreddit, a member by the name of

“This is how gaming has affected me, stated ItsSliker. That crap is hazardous. This person embodies the definition of a compulsive gambler. I used to tell lies to my audience, saying things like, “I used to spend back in the day.” It was untrue. I used to wager constantly. ItsSliker then expressed regret for harming “honest hard working persons” and vowed to “seek help” as soon as possible.

Briefly after, the media companies started to speak up. For instance, the Twtich uploader identified as Lukeafk acknowledged lending ItsSliker over than $27,000. Lukeafk said, “I understand this is really humiliating, but I don’t really what to do at about this time. “I loaned ItsSliker money, and I lost $27,000 on it. I believed that I All three of the victims, Knut, Lacari, and Mizkif—came forward, with Created to capture putting the loss at more than $200,000.

ItsSliker has acknowledged lying concerning their checking account becoming blocked and stated that the majority of the secured loans were used to pay off previous debts or maintain their gambling habit.