Kanye West comments on his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian’s styling

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Kanye West is back with his comments on his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Despite their divorce, the man still wanders with his former wife and passes comments on her looks.

Kanye West still wants to have a say in what Kim Kardashian wears in her daily routine.

Many past incidents of West, 45, hit the headlines and recent controversy over featuring “White Lives Matter” T-shirts in his previous Yeezy presentation, didn’t like Kardashian’s looks from Milan Fashion Week in February.

The 41-year-old entrepreneur of Skims disclosed a few of West’s harsh text messages she shared with business staff on Thursday’s broadcast of Hulu’s The Kardashians.

In addition to criticising the white Prada sunglasses Kardashian wore in an all-black latex ensemble, West, 45, was particularly critical of the model’s shiny, baggy jumpsuit.

Kardashian revealed a text from West, stating, “The orange look drove me infuriated, just would have been taken to jail rather I walked in that”.

The harsh comments from the west side probably did not leave any impact on the mother of four Kardashian. Her behaviour is usual and focused on her looks. 

Kanye seems to have the kids in the house, but he can’t seem to help himself while we’re here in Milan. “Whether we like something or not, we can laugh about it. She took the response as positive, by saying that we’re forever gonna be family, no matter how crazy situations might become at times, Kim added in a confessional, adding that she’ll make fun of West’s attire in return.

Individuals know, you have already been wearing those boots for quite a lot longer. Once you’re ready to update one‟s attire, let me understand so that I can offer suggestions on mine.

This instance is linked back to 2012 when they were dating each other. West famously revamped Kardashian’s wardrobe and continued to dress her for the duration of their relationship.

Kardashian no doubt excepted the fact that, after separation from West in 2021, she fretted with panic as she lost the stylist and is empty without West’s styling. 

In contrast, the rapper reportedly informed his ex that he wants to “leave all of it and commit his life to choose an outfit for her.

He is not impressed with many of the looks of post-divorce outfits; for example, after Kardashian wore a leather Fendi x Skims dress and coordinating gloves to the WSJ. Magazine 2021 Innovator Awards, West said the ensemble reminded him of Marge Simpson.