Kanye west shows off his identical tattoo with Lil Uzi, Lacy

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Recently, three pals known as best friends forever just received the identical tattoo on their bodies. The tattoos on the hands of Kanye West, Lil Uzi, and Lacy which are identical. The group posted a photo of their tattooed arm on social media to show it off.

The “Stronger” rapper, 45, Lil Uzi, 27, and 24-year-old Lacy posted the image together, extending out their hands to reveal the tattoos they each had on the inside of their arms just above the elbow.

Meza Fram, the tattoo artist who also published the photo on her blog, inked three pals. She also appeared with both the artists while snapping a mirror selfie on the phone. The tattoos declare, “We here forever technically,” in two distinct typefaces.

It looked very interesting. As the rapper is in headlines due to various reasons.

The identical sentence was used as the post’s caption by Lacy, and Lil Uzi Vert added, “Technically.”

A close-up image of the tattoos was posted on Instagram by Donda’s Place, a nonprofit that bears West’s mother Donda West’s name.

Kanye got his most recent tattoo following Chaney Jones, who was originally connected towards the rap early in the year, sought to sever his bond with the tattoo.

The 24-year-old model unveiled what seemed to be a permanently tattooed “Ye” on her left wrist in May, the rapper’s nickname that he officially changed to last year.

When the two were spotted shopping together in Bal Harbour in Miami in February, speculation about them began to grow. They later travelled to Japan for a brief holiday in early May.

After that vacation, according to news sources, they allegedly split up.

The 24-time Grammy Award winner was spotted with another woman at the cinema in June, according to an Instagram user.

She deleted all of the images from her Instagram account, with the rapper leaving just two of herself at the time, as if something had transpired between them.

On her Instagram, Jones sent a birthday message for Kanya, who turned 45 on this Wednesday. She sent him birthday greetings.

She published a collage of images with the remark, “Happy birthday baby! I cherish You.”