Kim Kardashian supports Pete Davidson in his trauma therapy

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image credit by social media

Following a relationship for almost nine months, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian recently broke up. After learning of their breakup, Kanye West, the ex-husband of Kim Kardashian, resumed his attack at Pete after he published a frightening Post on Instagram proclaiming he is dead at 28 in a picture.

Kanye allegedly threatened and teased Davidson a number of times on social media earlier this year. While the comedian was receiving trauma counseling at the time due to the animosity brought on by West’s postings and his followers’ remarks.

According to the insider, Kim was extremely supportive of Davidson’s choice to get counseling. According to a source, “Pete’s therapy appointment received strong backing from Kim. Kanye was really harmful. He started publishing unfavorable stuff, and now had multiplied his attack. To handle anything like that, you need to collaborate with someone.”

“In April, Davidson allegedly underwent trauma treatment after receiving threats of murder from followers of rapper Kanye West”, the insider said. The expert made note of how such unfavourable internet attention is considerably more challenging for an individual who has previously had difficulties with mental health.

In the past, Pete has been transparent about his battle with mental illness. Regarding Kanye’s latest post criticising Davidson, this was reportedly Kim who requested that it be removed.

Pete is disappointed that his relationship with Kim didn’t work out, but he is focused on the future in terms of both his professional and personal lives, an insider said in a conversation. The alum’s buddies are reportedly attempting to introduce him to further prospective love interests, the insider further stated. The insider claimed that “those close to him already want to set him up on dates.” A second insider informed the publication that the couple broke up this past weekend just after initial “chemistry” among them “dimmed.”
The insider stated, “She first believed it’d be a light-hearted fling, but eventually it grew really intense as they began putting in so much effort and time together. They had loads of connections, and continue to do, although she somewhat needs to just be single and explore the world. She genuinely appreciates Pete and has always been pals with him.