Kristina Menissov is Becoming an International Star

Diane W Kelly
5 Min Read

Kristina Menissov is a model, singer, and the current Ms. Universe World International. Her exotic beauty has graced the covers of magazines all over the world and her vocal range is turning her into a highly sought-after pop princess. It seems everything Kristina Menissov touches turns to gold! Recently, I had the opportunity to interview her on her pageant experience, her music career, and her plans for 2023.  

Photo credit: Igor Malakhov 

1. Recently you were crowned Ms. Universe World International. Tell us about the pageant experience.

Ms. Universe World International is a beautiful pageant that lasted 4 days with 77 delegates all over the world. We had a video segment where we prepared a video about the country we represent, originally, I am from Kazakhstan so it was an honor to represent Kazakhstan in an international pageant. The first day we had an interview and a photoshoot, the next day it was a bikini walk and bikini photoshoot, on the third day we had a rehearsal and an Angel theme shoot. During all that time we also had activities to support each other such as an event on the yacht in sunny Miami so we had a chance to get to know each other better. All that ended so fast with the National costume defile and evening gown defile on the main night. During the crowning moment I remember how I’d been holding hands with Miss Germany and then I heard Ms. Universe – Kazakhstan! Then everything went so fast! Ms. Universe 2021 placed a crown on me like in the dream. I would say a pageant is a beautiful experience if you make sure you have balance and treat it 100 % professionally plus try to have fun. 

2. What are your duties as Ms. Universe World International?

I have had a very tight schedule since winning this title. I have been a judge on other pageants multiple times, and I have had numerous amounts of appearances at different charity events. Personally, I am an advocate for O.U.R. Rescue (Operation Underground Railroad) charity which is dedicated to fight to end sex trafficking and sexual exploitation and support thousands of survivors. 

3. You are a trained Opera singer and have transitioned into pop music. Do you miss singing Opera?

I do miss it very much, actually. I am at the point where I want to add a few classical pieces to my repertoire and start performing opera again. 

4. 2022 saw a lot of big music releases from you. Do you have any music releases coming up in 2023?

Yes, I am working on releasing an EP with famous producer Andrew Lane and one more duet with Daria Dali and one more single with the band STRYFE. 

5. As a popular runway model you have graced the runways all over the world. What has been your favorite place to walk?

My favorite place to walk is Los Angeles since it is home, but at the same time it was an amazing experience to walk in Europe because then you can combine work and amazing sightseeing in between the shows. 

6. You are a model and singer. Do you have any plans to give acting a try as well? I haven’t entertained that thought, simply because I don’t have time to start acting classes. When I do something, I try to get ready 100% and bring audience a quality work. 

Photo credit: Igor Malakhov 

7. Mini and Mom is the clothing line inspired by your son. When will that launch? Unfortunately, I had a delay in my production, but it is in the process to begin production with probably with a few surprises coming along with it. I will try to do my best to launch it in the summer 2023. 

8. What is one thing that your fans will be surprised to know about you?

I produced and directed and stayed the entire time during the editing of my music video “Taking Over LA” which pretty much ended up being my breakthrough moment in the industry. So, go watch it and show some love. 

9. Where can we follow you?