“Let’s do some adventurous “Wake surfing” in these summers”, shows Travis Barker in a social media post

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Travis Barker is eager to engage in some risk-taking activities this summer.

In a recent Instagram video he shared, it can be seen that he is wakeboarding-like wakesurfing with the drummer of Blink-182 while doing so. The difference between the two is that you are not provided with rope or board bindings during wakesurfing. The video’s description read, “One should learn something every day.”

In the video, the celebrity put off casual air while riding the waves. People cheered him afterwards when he lost his balance. He had a successful ride following the novel experience, but ultimately he crashed into the sea. But one should never succumb to terror.

They contend that we should have a variety of experiences during our single life.

Barker also shared a video of himself zip-lining in a lush, green forest over the weekend. He captioned the picture, “Used to be frightened of heights.”

The same day, Kourtney Kardashian, his wife, shared photos of herself swinging beside a boat while enjoying a picturesque view of the lake and mountains in the distance.

He said that he adores the views of the lake. The photo in that post included over-the-elbow swim mitts from Sister Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS collection.

The creators of Poosh and Barker are spending their summers as a married couple in Portofino, Italy, after getting married there in a secret ceremony.

He was also found to have “pancreatitis,” a condition that can be fatal and is caused by the inflammation of this important organ for digesting and blood sugar control.

After receiving the right care, he was able to heal and last month he returned to the stage.

His Mainstream Sell out Tour when he performed at The Kia Forum in Los Angeles astounded his fans. Kim Kardashian was there to support her spouse.

He updated his social media followers on his health following the tragedy by writing, “I’m alright now and was shot outside the recording studio in California strolling in a regular state.” He responded with the illness and firmly left the bed.