Lindsay shares picture of her new-born niece, Quincy on her Instagram handle

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Lindsay Arnold /instagram

On August 4, 2022, Brynley Arnold, Arnold’s sister, delivered a baby girl.

Lindsay expressed her joy and is proud of her young sister on her Instagram Stories. Lindsay penned, “Baby Girl, I adore you so much”.

Lindsay said that she will be on her way to see the baby girl after giving a few dancing sessions. She added, “About to begin my final class of the day, I eagerly anticipate meeting the new-born girl.

Following that, Lindsay posted a video of herself travelling to the hospital to greet the new-born baby.


The 28-year-old professional dancer revealed her newborn niece Quincy to her 1 million fans on Instagram on Friday by posting a photo of her cradling the child, who is the first child of her sister Brynley Arnold McGinnis and brother-in-law Donny McGinnis.

Dancing with the stars said proudly, “Meet Quincy, everyone, I am really grateful to be her aunt”.

Lindsay captioned the photo; she is the newest member of the family. You are very adored by us, little child. Congratulations to the parents.

Brynley, 21, Lindsay, Jensen, 24, and Rylee are sisters that hold the YouTube channel, The Arnold Sisters, also posted some gorgeous pictures of the baby.

“Hello, I’m Quincy. 7 pounds, 3 ounces of pure happiness,” the new mother wrote in her post.

Brynley received a lot of support and love from the “Dancing With the Stars” family in the comments.

It’s a baby girl now! Felicitations were said.

In a series of Instagram Stories, Lindsay previously revealed the wonderful news and unveiled the very first family picture. We had no idea that this type of love existed before she arrived. Brynley said in the news post’s caption, “We are very grateful and pleased.

Following the delivery of their daughter Sage Jill in November 2020, Lindsay and her husband Samuel Lightner Cusick revealed in a recent video on their YouTube channel that they are attempting a second pregnancy.

“I’m hoping to become pregnant again now,” she stated in her life update.

“For those of you wondering, yes, it is occurring. Send us your positive energy since it’s kind of been happening for a while”.