Lizzo gives befitting to body-shaming comments at the 2022 MTV Video Music Award show

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A singer, Lizzo was not interested to reply back on the bodyshmmng comments just before the first performance at the 2022 MTV Video Music Award show. Rather, she is booked, occupied, in her career opportunities, so she had zero space for a comic who body-shamed her.

Many weeks before the Aries, Spears insulted the musician’s appearances leading up to the event on Sunday night, saying, among other things, that “she can’t overlook the reality that she appears much like crap emoji.”

On the revert, at the awards ceremony, Spears, however, received little attention from Lizzo, when she won a prize for her track “About Damn Time” in the Video For Good category.

Even though she made a smart move by not addressing him directly with accusations, rather she chose to discreetly criticise him in her acceptance speech.

“I like to express my gratitude for your assistance and love. Invoking criticism of Miley Cyrus at the 2015 award presentation”, she remarked.

“But now, ass to bitches that had something to remark regarding me in the media.”, she claimed in her speech.

She said that she is not concerned and doesn’t want to say anything. People asked him, Why wouldn’t you give them a clap in return?” Why don’t you reciprocate by clapping, to which she replied, “Since I’m succeeding, ho, bitch!”

Before departing the platform, she remarked, “Best retaliation is your paper, bitch”.

In addition, Lizzo used the opportunity to encourage people to vote, saying, “Your vote means the world to me.” She continued, “Making a difference in this nation is really important. Therefore, keep in mind to vote to modify a few of these rules that are enslaving us while you are choosing your favourite artists”.

In response to a query as to whether Lizzo was a talented composer, Spears insulted her through her appearance on “The Art of Dialogue,” which debuted on YouTube earlier this week.

Let’s go, dude. The video from the interview uploaded on Twitter got over 3 million views. That’s the record breaking thing.

Lizzo largely avoided discussing Spears, but the singer’s supporters flooded social media with messages of solidarity, asking why people are once more commenting on her body without her consent.