LosTheRealRap: Youngblood In The Music Industry

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Looking back on last year’s picks and observing how far everyone has progressed is always enjoyable. Arlo Parks, Teezo Touchdown, Tom The MailMan, Fousheé, Blxst, AG Club, Nilüfer Yanya, 347aidan, and many other artists made a significant influence in their respective fields last year.

The class of 2021, however, was not afforded the same privileges as most aspiring artists. They were not given the opportunity to go on tour, meet new admirers in person, or win over unknown crowds at festivals. The musicians who succeeded had to go outside the box when it came to how they shared their music, connected with listeners, and communicated their stories.


But the list doesn’t end here, LosTheRealRap is one of the rising stars. He has come along with his talent only, stepping the stairs of success.

Born in December 19,1991, living in New Brunswick NJ. He has always been a quiet person. 

When he moved to Charlotte, he finished junior high school in New Jersey and enrolled in Vance High School. He attended college for one year before quitting to let his son’s mother finish her six. He never returned and was truly content.

His approach to dealing with a challenging situation has significantly changed over the years. He considers the situation several times and tries to decide what is the correct course of action. He aspired to practise law.

Other than his family, what drives him is a burning sensation in his stomach that won’t go away until he achieves his ultimate chief goal. He carefully considers each tune. 

Regardless of popularity, it must become a classic. Whether a hit is truly a classic, He queries himself. The emotion he gets when creating these songs, which is even better when he is in the booth, is what he enjoys most about his career. 

Richard Fierson, well known by his stage name as “Rich Younglord,” a founder of BAD BOY ENT, served as his mentor. Cool from “Cool and Dre,” as well as Memphis’ own Project Pat, are a couple of other luminaries he has collaborated with.

His ideal world would be one in which he would receive abundantly everything he could ever want. He will transform whatever he touches and will always be able to positively impact many people’s lives.

He currently works for a Uniform company and is self-employed with @cakesbygisselle.

In 2019, he released an EP on which he collaborated with Project Pat and Realest On Beats. Since then, I’ve made innumerable song recordings and performed on numerous stages.

His message to the populace is that God is real and that he will grant your requests.

Although he was raised as a Catholic, he eventually realized that he is more of a Christian.

Music is what he does best. He has the ability to transport his audience to the past or the future while making them feel good right now.

His flaw is actually his strength. Superstars don’t sleep, and he is one of them. He would cherish spending more time with my family.

Growing up in the ghettos of New Brunswick, New Jersey, was difficult for him. He would also mention the pressure of not actively influencing the world and improving the lives of his loved ones.