Madonna is all set to make her own biopic movie; Jennifer Garner to pay a part

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Madonna- image by social media

Madonna opens up about helming her own movie. In a candid conversation she talked about her upcoming biopic highlighting the Queen of Pop as it has been the subject of rumours, with word spreading that Jennifer Garner had been given the part of Madonna.

The singer-lyricist recently spoke with a news source through Comic Book and discussed her next album.

“I’ve lived an exceptional life, I must produce an extraordinary film,” Madonna claimed during the interview. It was also a tactical attack since many people were attempting to produce movies about me, she said.

Mostly male misogynists were trying to make a biopic on me but I have clear thoughts upon “No one is going to tell my narrative but me.”

Jennifer Garner

Upon asking about the film timings she said, “I’ve been working on a really long script that is very difficult for me to shorten, yet it feels like chopping off my limbs”.

When the project was first announced, Madonna said in a statement, “I would like to depict the fantastic trip that life has led me in various sectors such as an artist, a singer, a dancer, and a human, attempting to establish her place in this world.

She continued, “Music will always be the main focus of this movie. My life has been sustained by music and art. There are so many wonderful undiscovered tales, and I am the only person to share with all. It’s important that the up’s and down’s, roller coaster life cycle should be narrated in my own voice.

Producer said in a statement, “This film is an incredible labour of love for me.”

As she says she has known Madonna for long as they have worked together on ‘A League of Their Own’. So she expresses her gratitude upon working as a part on her bio-pic and Diablo on bringing her true-life tale to the big screen.

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