Mason McNulty Creates Magic on The Big Screen

Diane W Kelly
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Mason McNulty has been a working actor since he started in the industry as a young boy. His love of entertaining people is only matched by his love of Disney! Not only is Mason acting, but he is also starting to produce his own films. Recently, Mason took time out of his busy shooting schedule to let us know about his life in the industry and his upcoming projects.

Mason McNulty
Photo Credit: Zachary Smith
  1. Tell us how you got started in the industry.

I got started in the industry as a young boy. I have always love to entertain people. 

  • What is your favorite memory from being on the show “Schooled”?

One of my favorite memories of being on “Schooled” is the friendships that I have made. I still stay in contact with a few of the cast and crew. My other favorite memory is just being on set and having a lot of fun doing the job. I miss being on the set. 

  • Your film “Catch the Bullet” was much different than your comedic role on “Schooled”. How do you prepare for dramatic roles? Is the preparation different?

I prepared for “Catch the Bullet” as I would prepare for any role. I read through the script, and I research the time era and what the character is about. 

Mason McNulty
Photo Credit: Tamara Tihanyi
  • Which type of role do you prefer- comedic or dramatic and why?

That is a really hard question. I actually love all the different types of acting. It is completely fun to dive into any role and make the role mine. 

  • What is your process for choosing a role?

The process I go through is, first I read through the script. Then I decide if this is a character, I can be proud of. 

  • You have a new film coming out entitled “Gacy”. What can you tell us about this film and your role in it?

Yes, I can definitely share about the movie. I am actually very excited about it. The movie is loosely based on John Wayne Gacy’s life. The best way to describe the movie is when the devil moves next door. I play a teenager who starts to see strange things happening across the street and he starts to wonder what is going on and gets himself caught in the wrath of Gacy. 

  • On your Instagram, you go to Disneyland a lot! What is your favorite thing about Disneyland?

Oh my gosh…What is there not to LOVE about Disneyland. My family and I love going there. As you enter Disney and go under the bridge where the train is above you have a sense of leaving the outside world and all your troubles and entering into a “MAGICAL” place. I have grown up going to Disneyland for as long as I remember. My favorite part of Disneyland is Star Wars land. It is not a secret that I also am a Star Wars Nerd. 

  • What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

The one thing that people would be surprised to know about me is that I am a huge dog lover. I love dogs. Especially little puppies. They melt my heart. 

  • What other upcoming projects do you have?

I do have an upcoming project called “My Father’s Fiancé”. We will be done filming in a couple of weeks and the movie should be released sometime this summer.

  1. Where can your fans follow you on social media?

You can follow me on Instagram at @mason.mcnulty, Facebook @MasonMcNulty05, Twitter @_MasonMcNulty and Tik Tok @masonbyson

Mason McNulty
Photo Credit: Tamara Tihanyi