Meghan Markle handled the criticism upon shifting to US and leaving royal responsibility 

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Meghan Markle/image by social media

The moment Meghan Markle stopped being a member of the royal family along with her husband Prince Harry and relocated out of Britain, she got criticised for various reasons. Still she continued to use social media.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now parents to two children, son Archie and daughter Lilibet Diana, after their arrival to the US. This is just one of the many changes that have occurred for Meghan and Harry. The couple has concentrated on utilising their voices to draw attention to important causes and to assist individuals in leadership roles in recognising the problems that continue to be ignored since leaving their royal responsibilities.

Last year, In an interview, Meghan Markle discussed everything, including the mental health crisis she experienced while living in the UK. She stayed silent on the news revelation who spoke about her interactions with the royal family. Meghan bravely shared her experiences, admitting that she had even tried to attempt suicide, and demonstrated to everyone that she need not keep her voice quiet just because she is relocating to a different country in order to have more privacy in her personal life.

 In today’s fast-paced news landscape, when each and every perspective is highlighted, Markle demonstrated why it’s critical for public figures to address the personal topics which need some sought of privacy.

Since she tied the knot with Prince Harry, Markle has drawn attention for practically every public engagement she has ever made. The book seems to delve into Meghan’s life both before and after she became a royal and claims that the Duchess has been a tough person to deal with. The book asserts that Meghan’s work ethic was suspect on the set of her well-known programme, Suits.

These assertions, however, appear utterly absurd in light of the numerous positive comments Markle’s co-stars have made about her on and off the set. In fact, she was defended by her Suits co-star Patrick J. Adams in a tweet, calling her one of the most “enthusiastic, kind, cooperative, cheerful and supporting members of our television family.” Additionally, Markle was said to be “humble” by an assistant director on the TV show.