Proud Grandparents; Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt welcome a new family member Maxime

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The beginning of the new year has brought a lucky charm to the family of Michelle Yeoh, an Oscar-winning actress, and her husband, Jean Todt, United Nations Secretary-General as they recently welcomed their grandson. 

Recently, they uploaded a baby’s picture on their Instagram which speculated rumors which got cleared recently. 

In the early morning hours of Monday, January 1, Michelle shared a heartwarming post on Instagram. She wrote, “A little miracle on the first day of 2024 and we are feeling blessed. I am so thrilled and can’t express how happy I am for this very special bundle of joy.”

Image uploaded shows, a tiny hand, leaving fans curious about whether Michelle and Jean had welcomed a baby!

But, Michelle Yeoh and her husband, Jean Todt, recently cleared the confusion in the air.They celebrated the arrival of a new family member, officially becoming grandparents. Parents of the baby are Nicolas Todt, and his wife, Darina, who welcomed their baby named Maxime.

Jean Todt and Michelle Yeoh. photos-MARC PIASECKI/FILMMAGIC

Michelle shared the exciting announcement on her Instagram on January 1. She posted a photo of the baby’s tiny hand with the caption, “A little miracle on the first day of 2024.” The news brought confusion among fans, with Naomi Campbell and others congratulating Michelle and Jean, assuming they had become parents again.

To clear up the confusion, Michelle later updated her caption on a new photo. She expressed gratitude to Nicolas and Darina, saying, “Thank you, darling Nicolas and Darina, for making us the happiest and proudest grandparents! Welcome, Maxime.”

We send heartfelt congratulations to Nicolas and Darina on their newborn, as well as to Michelle and Jean on their new roles as grandparents! They are excited to share some adorable moments and enjoy the phase of becoming grandparents.