Nick cannon welcomes his tenth child

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Nick cannon / image by social media

Cannon family welcomes a newborn daughter into their family. A piece of exciting news to share with their influencers is that Nick Cannon welcomes his tenth child this month.

The second kid Nick Cannon has welcomed this month alone and his third with Brittany Bell was brought into this world, according to the well-known singer-actor.

On September 23, Rise Cannon was welcomed, according to a post Cannon made on his Instagram Stories on Friday.

“As my journey on this earth gets continually more spectacular and inexplicable, all I have to do is thank God & continue asking the Highest to arrange my steps,” he said in a post that looks similar to a clip of Bell’s baby shower.

Bell explained that he preferred a “Blessing Way” to organise a baby shower, calling it “a group of mighty prayer warriors interceding for our new child’s arrival to Earth”
Moreover two weeks ago, Cannon and model LaNisha Cole, a new member of the Cannon moms’ club, welcomed their daughter, Onyx Ice Cole Cannon, into the wider Cannon world.

Bell and Cannon are already parents to two children together, Golden, age 5, and Powerful Queen, age 1.

The twins Monroe and Moroccan, who are 11 years old, the twins Zillion Heir and Zion Mixolydian, who are with Abby De La Rosa, and the newborn Legendary, who is with Bre Tiesi, are Rise’s other half-siblings. Zen was Cannon and Alyssa Scott’s 5-month-old baby, and Cannon recently lamented his passing.

It appears that this individual at least has a passing awareness of the fact that not everyone values his ambitious gift to humanity. Cannon stated on Instagram that he wants to “suppress anything low resonant frequencies and just revel with both the Highest Class of Civilization who are genuinely connected to our destiny within this realm” when Onyx was born.

Additionally, he appeared to refute the argument that one guy never could have enough time to raise all of these kids efficiently. “I could realize that the problem isn’t the finite length of time we are given in this world, but rather the finite quantity of love”, he said.