Raimondo Rossi: A Visionary Artist With Startling Glance

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Raimondo Rossi/ photos credit: Photo Beauty Awards: Martin Loveth

There are times when it seems like the creatives behind the image are disregarded, whether it be for the upcoming significant campaign or another prominent editorial. 

The photographers are the ones that bring the client’s concept to life, even though the models may be the stars of the show. To produce that flawless billboard-worthy image, these visual artists painstakingly and precisely adjust light, shadows, and movement behind the scenes.

Raimondo Rossi, known also as Ray Morrison. He is a budding photographer and style editor whose work has appeared in some of the most prestigious publications in the world, including Rolling Stone and The New York Times.

Born in Perugia, Italy no journalist is aware of his precise birthdate, Since this is a part of his persona. Weight, age, race, and other factors are not crucial in the fight against fashion stereotypes since people are more important than technical information.

Raimondo Rossi/instagram

He was born and raised in Umbria, and during the summers, his family and he would camp across Europe. On those occasions, his mother took great pleasure in snapping pictures using the renowned Rolleiflex film camera. 

He has always seen how images are used to capture memories, therefore a few years ago he made the decision to enrol in specialist classes. Following the theory, he began to try filming reports from the backstage areas of fashion weeks. His photography has advanced so much in the present that he now focuses more on portraits or fashion editorials.

Ray has a very technical and analytical background because he majored in science and graduated from the university with a degree in pure mathematics. He then used this to create very distinct visuals or looks, in forms and volumes, for both fashion and photography.

When describing Raimondo, journalist Nasreen Rasool said, “In person, he is as kind, honest, and down-to-earth as his art,” and he agreed with this assessment.

Raimondo was just featured on the cover of COMPULSIVE Magazine’s Spring Issue 2021, which is currently on newsstands all over the US. Raimondo was designated one of the “10 symbols of men’s style” by the NZZ Magazine, a Swiss newspaper of record.

He was regarded as “one of the most unique authors in the entire area of fashion photography” by Rolling Stone Italy.

The 2018 short films Le note della moda and Vestimi were both directed by him (2020).

Author of the book From the Vogue Collection: A Way to Bring Out the Photographer in Us (2021), Two Years with Fatima: From Young Woman to Mother, and I Don’t Think The Way You Do: Photography of Inclusivity and Diversity, both due out in 2021 (2022).

Ray is an independent artist and never signed with any magazine or company, to be able to travel more.

Human relationships and the ability to make memories and soul connections through fashion or photography are the things he cares about the most when creating his art. He is most motivated by this.