“Ruhl and Thompson filed for divorce”, confirms source upon their separation

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Instagram / Nick Thompson

After one-year of marriage the couple, Ruhl, 29, and Thompson, 36, decided to part their ways.

Ruhl and Thompson got married in June 2017 after becoming acquainted during the second season of Netflix’s Love Is Blind.

On Monday, both of them filed for divorce in the Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois, according to court papers that were accessed by the people news website.

Last month things were good between them, as they posted pictures of the two of them from a passionate beach photo shoot on their social media. After that the couple previously attended Lollapalooza with pals earlier this month. On Instagram, Danielle continued to use the last name “Thompson” as of Sunday. Things changed so swiftly.

As a result of the revelation of their split, Ruhl and Thompson became the last pair from season 2 of the dating programme to call it quits.

The only other couple from that season to tie knot, Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones, announced their separation last week in a joint statement after being hitched in June of last year at the finale time of season.

Ruhl and Thompson talked openly about having marital counselling earlier this year on a show.

“We’ve established structures for discussion. We’ve got to push both of us to still have discussions over what we genuinely require at that particular time and therefore have struggled to develop the ability to communicate that “, Thompson asserted in March.

That sometimes entails taking a brief break or saying, “Let’s dismiss this and overlook all this.”

“We are using a variety of approaches to improve our communication, which has really helped us advance”, he said.

A person putting his efforts to study a language other than English, on this Ruhl commented, “Many couples have the chance to organically learn one another’s language while they are dating”.

“It’s quite challenging to accomplish that in such a brief amount of time, and it requires a lot of understanding and compassion from both ends”, she further told the media.

“Their are more chances of the possibility that my idea of anything might be very different from what he believes, we attempt to understand what the other person is saying every single day. Many baseless fights arise from misunderstandings due to that which needs to be end”, according to her