Rumours spread over the reconcile of ex-pair Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber

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Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber/image by social media

The love story has begun once again between the pair Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber after their separation in 2021. Fans raise questions that should he offer her a rose once more?

The incident that took place which made all think of reconcile is “As he “liked” a picture of Flanagan, 30, standing in a backless pink tiny dress on Sunday’, the former Bachelor, 31, drew attention.

Weber replied with the straightforward word “Same” after receiving a fan remark that said, “Having impure thoughts Miss Hottie”

With something like a flirtatious social networking remark, Peter Weber stoked suspicions that he and his former girlfriend Kelley Flanagan had reconciled.

A second social media user commented in the same comment thread that she was “glad you guys found your way back together” after the couple parted ways in February 2021. After a painful breakup that lasted over a year, the pilot hushedly “liked” the message, assuming that he and Flanagan may have reconciled.

For her part, the native Chicagoan made no comment in response to any of the feedback left on her article.

Before the comment incident, the news source reportedly spotted the ex-couple watching a Chicago Cubs game versus the Washington Nationals on August 10.

Following the conclusion of his season of The Bachelor in March 2020, the couple dated for about a year. Weber ended up offering to Hannah Ann Sluss before the endgame and breaking off their relationship since he still had emotions for the runner-up. The pair announced their separation on New Year’s Eve in December 2020 after many months of dating. Weber and Flanagan broke up permanently in February 2021 albeit temporarily getting back together later that month.

In a Cameo video he made for a fan in May 2020, he said, “To be absolutely honest, I absolutely think this works, however I definitely think for the sort of connection between Kelley and myself and some things were not setting for us if it were able to truly work.” Nothing can ever erase the fact that what is intended for oneself and everything that is yours will indeed belong to you. Our connection has essentially always been based on that. We have repeatedly re-entered each other’s lives”.