Sharon Osbourne made a sizzling comeback, opene’s her out through documentary

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Sharon Osbourne / image by social media

After the departure from the talk show where she worked for 11 years, over the heated circumstances, she made a great comeback.

Sharon Osbourne is revealing the truth and tearing into her fiercest detractors exclusively on channel Fox Nation, after battling amid media fires of hell for nearly 2 years.

“Have I ever imagined that I’ll be convicted of doing something I have not done. Who really imagines what will happen in their life?” In the newest documentary series, Osbourne says.

The veteran show host continued, “I was just this animal that’s been butchered that day.

The matriarch of both the family criticises the “woke mob” cancellation society mentality and details the horrifying incidents that prompted her hesitant to come back to the public in the four-part Fox Nation programme “Sharon Osbourne: To Hell & Back.”

During her abrupt resignation from CBS’ “The Talk” after a violent confrontation with co-host Sheryl Underwood over Meghan Markle’s spectacular explanation with Oprah Winfrey, Osbourne and her family came under fire from the media.

“Piers [Morgan] believed Meghan was fabricating tales. He received a racist label. And I was called a racist because I backed him “Osbourne elucidates.

Despite defending Piers Morgan’s judgment of Meghan Markle, Sharon Osbourne claims a CBS executive set up her erstwhile co-hosts on “The Talk” to humiliate them in front of millions of people on television.

Osborne, a CBS employee, claims that Amy Reisenbach, the show’s chief of programming, tried to punish her after she openly denounced Markle’s explosive Oprah Winfrey appearance. Additionally, Reisenbach apparently perceived her sympathy for Morgan’s criticism of the show as a traitor.

The “The Talk” show runners, Kristin Matthews and the late Heather Gray, allegedly admitted to Osbourne that they grudgingly carried out Reisenbach’s demands for retribution. It appears that co-host Sheryl Underwood accused Osbourne of racism for backing Morgan.

During a highly intense on-air argument with Underwood about Morgan’s dislike of Markle, Osbourne left “The Talk” after giving her 11 years. 

Osbourne responded to accusations that she was a hateful bigot made by former coworkers back in March 2021. She was charged of labeling Sara Gilbert, a lesbian actress, a “p—y licker,” and of calling Julie Chen “slanty eyes.”

According to Osbourne, she was targeted by resentful people who are “coming out with foolish, infantile things” as “revenge.” It’s all garbage, she continued. It lacks a solid base. Is that all you have complaints about calling a Chinese woman a wonton? I mean, really?

All have a viewpoint or a narrative like a wonton story, she said.

I’m not gonna defend myself, “Osbourne said of the “all these small folks who would like to pop out and tell a tale about me.”