Shawn Mendes papped out at Los Angeles after cancelling the word tour

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(Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

This Thursday, Shawn Mendes was seen while walking through the streets of Los Angeles, California, just one day after he announced the cancellation of his tour to focus on his mental health (28). The 23-year-old musician was seen stepping out of his automobile while carrying a water bottle and dressed in workout gear.

Shawn Mendes takes time away from his job to focus on his mental health.

He displayed a hint of unease and even pointed at the camera when he realised there were photographers catching the glimpse.

On Wednesday, he announced that he was taking a professional hiatus (27).

The performer claimed that he was not ready for the demanding schedule of either the tour in both North America and Europe and that he will walk off the stage to take better care of his mental wellbeing.

He had delayed the concerts at the beginning of the month but ultimately opted to cancel them. Since the pandemic had delayed performances for so long, Shawn said, “I started the tour delighted to finally play. However, the truth is that I wasn’t prepared for the challenges the tour presented after that period”.

“It’s become increasingly evident after speaking with my team and interacting with incredible medical specialists that I require some alone to which I’ve never been in order to find myself as well bounce back even stronger”.

“I must regrettably postpone the remaining dates of the North American trip along with Europe and the North”, said Shawn Mendes.

We had hoped to perform the gigs after taking a break, but the singer remarked that he must prioritise his health.

In an Instagram message to his more than 69 million followers, Shawn Mendes announced the postponement of his next tour dates. “As you guys are aware, I’ve had to cancel a few gigs in recent weeks because I wasn’t totally ready for the pressure that getting back on track would have put on me”, he wrote.

He continued, “I was eager to embark on this trip since it allowed me to perform live music again after a lengthy break caused by the epidemic, however the fact is that I’d been totally unprepared for how challenging it was to resume touring after such a long break”.