Somerhalder, moved out to farm with Reed, daughter Bodhi Soleil to live a normal life

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Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder. PHOTO: ANDREW TOTH/GETTY

When Ian Somerhalder took the decision to relocate out of the city and into the country, he acquired a fresh viewpoint.

The former star of The Vampire Diaries spoke candidly to the media about how adopting a simpler lifestyle enabled them to take up further environmental initiatives.

The actress, 43, describes their exotic move to a farm north of Los Angeles with Reed and their daughter Bodhi Soleil, 5, as “magical.”

We realize that it’s actually the way things were meant to be.

“I believe that from a sociological perspective, you can now observe a lot of individuals who used to work in corporate offices but after Covid-lockdown people are finding it quite difficult to return to offices. Things have changed properly”.

“I believe that the epidemic sort of demonstrated to us the importance of moments. Birthdays matter, Vacations matter. These tiny, discrete moments that we share with one another are crucial”, he claims.

“We’re beyond the phase of only believing that we’ll be going to overcome all this simply by not using plastic products and driving electric vehicles, which is why Nikki and I feel that urban/rural living is something that a lot of people are getting into”, he asserted.

“For me, that was a turning moment,” Reed said in May.

“We decided to provide our daughter the much more normal lifestyle I could,” the parents said.

“That required relocating to something like a farm quite far away from the city wherein we keep animals and cultivate cucumbers, peppers, lavender, and rosemary. Moving out of the city felt like a relief,” she added.

She also mentioned the negative effects it had on her mental state. The remedy to alleviate negativity is, “I assure that nature is the solution if somebody wishes to feel at rest, at peace, or tranquil.”

She further counts the positive side of nature, fresh air and claims, “The finest type of rehabilitation, she declared, is nature. And it happens right away; you don’t need to spend six months in nature to experience it. Enthusiasm is increased through hiking. Rather than staring just at bright light on your device, focus on a tree. That type of medication is something that all of our spirits require”.