Suri Cruise, daughter of Katie Cruise rocked in a movie Alone Together

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photo by social media

The latest movie Alone Together, which was directed, created and starred by Katie included Suri Cruise, daughter of Hollywood celebrities Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, making her on-screen singing debut.

The 16-year-old Suri sang a version of Blue Moon, which is heard throughout the movie’s opening credits. In a recent interview, Katie talked about her daughter’s musical abilities and how she came to be a part of her most recent movie. On July 22, the love drama was aired in the US.

Katie and Tom’s only child, Suri, recently appeared in the movie Top Gun: Maverick. Suri was born in 2006 after the couple’s initial encounter in 2005. In Italy, Tom and Katie got hitched later that same year.

But in 2012, Katie and Tom separated after five years of marriage. After some time, the couple settled, and Katie was given primary custody of Suri. The mother and daughter are New York City residents.

In such a recent interview with Fox News, Katie lauded Suri when discussing her daughter’s creative talent. “I constantly seek for talent at the greatest level. I then asked her. She has incredible talent. I gave her the freedom to do what she pleased after she promised to do it and videotape it. I always direct in the same manner. “This is what I think we all just want; do your thing,” that’s like.

Katie made it clear about Suri status, “She is still a student even though she had musical talent and was included on the film’s soundtrack”. She added that this was not her daughter’s first project or opportunity to perform on camera. She really sang in Rare Objects, the movie we made last year, Katie said. She is a 16-year-old high school student.

Jim Sturgess and Katie are the co-stars in the movie Alone Together. The Covid-19 epidemic is the backdrop for the romantic comedy. The story struggles around a man and a woman who are escaping New York City in 2020 as the pandemic’s first wave hits the millions of public.