Talyor Hawkins tribute concert continues for more than 5 hours

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Talyor Hawkins /image by social media

More than 5 hours of performance at London’s Wembley Stadium, in which they paid tribute to the star-studded Taylor Hawkins Concert concluded on Saturday, Sept. 3.

With just an astounding number of special musicians appearing throughout the evening, the performance served as a moving tribute to the late drummer. Many of the Foo Fighters’ biggest hits were performed during their headline set, with friends and relatives filling in for Taylor Hawkins on the drums.

Whenever it comes to Taylor Hawkins, you must honor the drummer.  Dave Grohl said to the crowd that they’d see a “revolving door of drummers” paying tribute to Hawkins on stage with them.

Although Travis Barker, who Grohl remembered, was part of a rock band when the pair initially met.  

The next performer was teenage drummer Nandi Bushell, who joined the Foo Fighters on “Learn to Fly,” whom Grohl said to be one of the most bada- drummers I’ve ever seen in my entire existence and the biggest rock star on the bill. “I originally thought that the fine young drummer who asked me to a drum fight was joking, she wasn’t”, he declared.

Talyor Hawkins
Talyor Hawkins/image by social media

Omar Hakim, who’d already played drums with McCartney, stayed on stage while the Foo Fighters resumed playing their own songs. “I believe this the next track was Taylor’s favourite Foo Fighters tune,” Grohl remarked of “Aurora.”

The night’s emotional high point occurred next. Now letme inform you,” Grohl stated as he introduced the fans to a particularly special drummers. I do not even believe I’ve ever witnessed somebody beat the drums with so force. He should be present with us all tonight because he is a family friend. On a large screen, a picture of Hawkins and his son Shane was displayed, and the young man joined the band on drums for an emotional performance of “My Hero.”

As the evening came to a close, Grohl addressed the audience, saying, “I hope that you guys felt all the love from all of us and all of the artists because we felt it from you, for Taylor, tonight.  “I’m not sure what more to say,”

Grohl remarked, “Let’s hear it big and loud for Taylor Hawkins right now.