“The relationship with Danica Patrick was great indeed”, says Aaron Rodgers

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Sub-Headline: Both of us were full of mindfulness, spirituality which worked for us.

Recently, Aaron Rodgers reflects back memories and remembers his friendship with Danica Patrick.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback, 38, talked openly regarding the way he and the ex racing car driver concentrated on mindfulness when they were together on Wednesday’s episode of the Marcus podcast.

He said to the presenter, “I was dating Danica and that relationship was excellent for me because she is on her own journey and she holds the spirituality. In this relationship, we figured out things, learnt many lessons, and developed our meditation skills.

After two years of dating, Rodgers and Patrick decided to part their ways in July 2020.

The pair had been spending time apart while the COVID-19 epidemic was going on, attending online classes, learning cooking, and calling their loved ones to catch up.

Patrick gave a statement, “My hands are on to learn more Spanish. We are studying languages since Aaron has an application on his phone”.

After the separation news came out, Rodgers declared his engagement to Shailene Woodley in February 2021. But unfortunately, after one year he and Woodley parted ways.

When he was working out during the offseason, he claimed, “There were times when it was during the off season and I couldn’t go. She created a podcast and she had various guests on.”

Rodgers stated that because Marcus’ work had been vital to him, he was anxious to meet him.

Rodgers gave an explanation “I’ve concentrated during the summer on learning how to care for myself holistically, not just my physical self via exercise, but also my spiritual aspects through my own mindful practices, as well as my well-being.

“That is the reason I took the time I did to complete some of the tasks and also gave up on some of them. Still, I’m grateful for that period a lot”, added further.

“I’m humble for getting the chance to improve my psychological health. I have not yet experienced depressive episodes or anything else, because of some reasons”, he said.

He continued, “Some things from past memories are acceptable to discuss if talking about mental health. I’ve been working pretty hard to consider what makes me feel the greatest.”