A player, Tobias Harris tied knot with long-time girlfriend Jasmine Winton at Oheka Castle, New York

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AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Here comes another wedding in Hollywood. This time, Jasmine Winton and Tobias Harris tied the knot by taking vows to stay forever and together.

At Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York, on Saturday, the 30-year-old basketball player and Winton exchanged garlands.

The long-time couple’s friends and family came together to rejoice well with nuptials, who have been dating since 2020. The site, according to Winton, 31, has extremely beautiful gardens. The gardens and fountains give an exotic look.

The newlyweds decided on Oheka Castle because of its ideal position near their respective families as well as its well-known reputation in Harris’ hometown.

Harris states, “I grew up in Long Island, New York. So, while I was growing up as a high school student, everyone used to speak about Oheka Castle. So I decided to marry here”.

Player continued, “Although I’ve only been a handful of times, it seems somewhat satisfying that I got the chance to grow up on Long Island, get engaged, and marry in this region.”

Both Harris and Winton claim that their strong connection developed over time rather than being love at first sight for each of them.

After they initially met, Harris recollects, “I was like, I like this lady, she’s cool. But as days progressed on, I simply felt and witnessed a peacefulness within her that helped me better comprehend who she is and where she’s from”. She has a different kind of vibe that attracts her.

“I lived my entire life in extreme comfort. But when I contacted her, we sort of rocked it and we developed a wonderful feeling to simplify our connection. She basically opened my perceptions wide to viewpoints on comprehending life or even what humans originate through”.

Winton claims that she didn’t have a moment in time when she realised Harris was the perfect match for her “And though I assume that all through our connection, there have been a plethora of incidences at which you could just tell how devoted or considerate he was or is by simply making plans for a date to eat out or buying my preferred snack at the store.

The couple’s primary goals were inviting their friends and relatives, especially notable NBA players to the wedding. We enjoy having positive spirits as well. Therefore, we wanted to make sure that our visitors could have a wonderful evening.”