Alireza Kohany Iranian Musician Model Actor Who Caused Controversy In Social Media With His Stunning Beauty And Attractive Voice

Alireza Kohany

Alireza Kohany (Persian: علیرضا کهنی) is a popular Iranian Musical Artist (Musician, Composer, Producer, DJ(; and an Influential Public Figure on social media, He is also active in the Modeling field as a Photo Model and Acting, Alireza was born on June 18, 1993, in Tehran, Iran, and began his artistic career as a child. In this exclusive interview, we get to know him more, who now has a lot of fans and followers on social networks, also we will ask about his success ways. Stay with us!

Alireza Kohany
Alireza Kohany


Introduce yourself to your fans?

Greetings and respect to all viewers and readers of your great
I am Alireza Kohany (Persian: علیرضا کهنی); A Musician and Producer; Photo Model and Actor, I have been interested in art since I was a child, and I started face modeling from that time. My music career started several years later with my interest in electronic (EDM) music; In the same years, I also collaborated in several movie projects too; I have been active in social networks for many years, I am from the “Orkut” generation! The first social network to enter in all of the Internet; Then on “Yahoo 360!”, After that, social networks entered in a new generation with the arrival of “Facebook”; And I was officially active on both “Facebook” and “Instagram” as well.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Love, Love and Love! This may be the easiest answer possible or it may be the hardest, but love is everything, God (Allah) created humans with love, I have always tried to love the world and all the God’s creatures, so love is all that is needed, Love is the most current thing in me, love of the earth, love of the sky, love of animals; and all of God’s creatures … Love is everything.

What skills have you learned that will help you in your music career?

The most important thing in music is to cultivate professional ears, ears that can recognize the correctness of the music notes, I tried to cultivate my ears in the way of music as a child, then recognizing the musical notes and composing are important points, Writing poetry can help the mind grow in this direction, for me these things were very effective.

Alireza Kohany interview
Alireza Kohany INTERVIEW

What made you decide to pursue a career in music and entertainment?

I was inspired by great artists like Yanni, I listened to his music with love from childhood and I was so absorbed in it that I decided to create several pieces of music myself.

What kind of music would you classify yourself as?

Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Pop

How do you approach the sensitive task of discussing changes and rearrangements with artists?

Respect for the original creator and the work he has made is very important, in the field of recreating any kind of musical work, the owner’s consent must be obtained.

What is the one thing every song must have for it to be solid?

Music directly targets the human soul, so the most important thing in a music is its ability to communicate with the human soul, it becomes a memorable music that can engraved in the human soul.

Who is the best music producer working in the industry today?

In the new century, there are many producers in t

he entertainment and music industry, I think Sony Entertainment is one of the largest, although I have been in the field of music production since 2012, so I founded Alireza Kohany Productions in the same year, it is my international Record Label and music publisher, But I formed it to produce all the artistic fields such as music, movies, books, art, etc. 

If you didn’t become a musician, what would you be doing right now?

I believe that God created all human beings for a purpose in this world, so if I have this title now, this is my mission in this world; Without the wisdom of God, not a single leaf falls from a tree.

What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released and why?

Eternal World and Fire Burning are some of my best pieces that have been very well received and amazing feedback; These two songs are a combination of electronic and Iranian music genre.

* We invite you to listen “Eternal World” song by “Alireza Kohany”:

Watch on youtube Alireza Kohany

In your opinion, what is the secret of Arab demand for Iranian songs?

Iranian music has many attractions, I am also very interested in Arabic style music, I think cultural closeness is a good reason for this, I will try to make several song pieces with the collaboration of Arab artists very soon.

Which instruments did you play in high school?

Since then, due to my great interest, I have been playing the electric guitar, and I have also been playing the piano to some extent.

What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next 5 to 10 years?

The path of life is always full of beautiful surprises, God has set many ways for every human being on the path to gain success; I also try to continue on this amazing path and be able to leave a good impression on myself in this universe; And to inspire so many people that I can help them succeed, that’s my biggest goal for next years and future.

Did you take inspiration from any person in particular?

Certainly, every human being is inspired by many successful people in their growth path; But I was always trying to create a new path; It may seem a little difficult to begin with, but when a new path is created; It makes better sense to me that other people are inspired by me.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

My best hobby, of course my best interest; Helping others to achieve their goals, in any way or whenever I can, I will help others to achieve their goals.

What strengths do you have that you believe make you a great musician?

It may sound a little strange! But my weaknesses made me the biggest strengths because they taught me where I needed to work harder.

Do you have any weaknesses that you’re actively working to improve on?

God (Allah) has created all of us human beings on the path to perfection to improve their lives and walk the path of improvement, as I said in the previous question, my weaknesses have helped me the most on the path to perfection.

Which instrument is your favorite to play and why?

As I said, I have been playing several instruments since I was a child, but at the moment I am very interested in handpen and I am playing it.

What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

To answer this question I must say: “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest; heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul…”

How and when did you started into modeling and as an actor?

It may be so funny! but it was my first experience on TV when I was a baby…! When I appeared as a baby (newborn) in some Ads for one of the milk powder brands, Since childhood, I have been noticed by many companies because of the different color of my eyes and its change by ambient light (blue, green, gray, ice gray). In recent years, I have appeared as an Actor in several movies and short films, and I have also collaborated with several reputable and famous international brands in the field of face modeling as a Model.

What did you learn from your biggest failure?

I believe failure teaches you stand firm on the ground even when the success is making you fly high in the sky. Failure is painful when it brings inverted frowns on others face! Then you realize that life is being mean. Hold on! It is just the beginning. Success will also fail to teach you something – “This too shall move on.”

What do you think is the secret to have successful Social accounts as a celebritybuzz?

The first step is perseverance, then content production is important, Definitely using professionals in this field can help make a “post or story” different, using a professional photographer as well as consulting with a social media manager to make a post better seen and shared is very effective. But for me, the inner feeling that the viewers get from my posts on social media is the most important thing; That’s why I try to show different aspects of myself in each post. I have published 4 books in this field that are available in international markets such as Amazon.

You are followed by so many people. How do you feel about that pressure of doing always the right thing, and encourage people to follow their dreams?

Yes, For example I currently followed by about 5 million and 200 thousand people (5.2m) on my verified Instagram. It is beautiful to be a role model, but at the same time it is difficult, because there are always people who look at you to do the smallest things; That’s why you should always be a good role model, especially for the younger generation

As we know you are preparing a new music soon can we know more details about?

Yes, I preparing a big project and I have some surprises for my fans in this regard, which I will announce soon through my social networks and your media for first time.

Any last word to your fans via Star World Magazine!

Thanks to this interview, you are one of the best media in the world. As my last sentence I say one my quotes in my motivational book: “Never despair. The darkest point of the night is the closest point to daylight. No success is achieved without effort, so fight for your goals and know that success is near.”

Alireza Kohany is an artist who We will hear more about him in the future coming years… To know more about Alireza Kohany don’t forget to follow him on

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