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Avaryana Rose is starring in a powerful new movie entitled “Broken”. The film, streaming March 25th, explores the topic of parental abuse and its effect on the child. As a busy young actress and social media influencer, I was honored to have her take the time for an interview with me about “Broken”

Tell us how you got started in the industry.

I started out as a model/influencer. After doing that for a few years, I knew I wanted to try something new. So, I took up acting. Not too long after that, I fell in love with acting. 

What is your process for breaking down a character?

It’s different for every director and character, but as a baseline I always like to assess the character’s personality. I look for things like their diction, and how other characters speak to them. This gives me a clue as to what the director was envisioning when creating the character. 

What do you look for in a role?

I look for characters with lots of layers. Plot twists, and different sides of them are always so fun to play.

Tell us about your newest project BROKEN.

“Broken” is about a young girl named Lexi Green who is experiencing parental abuse. She decides to run away into the woods. Throughout her journey she has lots of time to think, and wander. She stumbles upon a person who helps her heal and find her faith.

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Why do you think this film is so important?

This film is so important because so many people are going through abuse, and don’t say anything. Sometimes all it takes is the right person to help you heal and direct you in the right way.

What is your favorite memory from filming?

My favorite memory from set would definitely be all the laughs I shared with the crew. As time passed, we all developed awesome chemistry. We made each other laugh despite being in the Florida heat, experiencing spiders, snakes, and alligators. 

Tell us something people would be surprised to learn about you.

Something interesting about me would definitely be how I willingly went in the same water as an alligator. I really wanted to get a cool shot, and everyone assured me I should stay on shore, but I knew having that shot would add so much to the movie.

Any upcoming projects you can share?

A few of my upcoming projects would be, A Wave of Kindness, Not For Sale, American Prom, and The Truth About Monsters

Where can we follow you on social media?

I am @avaryana, @avaryanarose, and @avaryanarosetv on all platforms. Don’t forget to follow me on YouTube too!

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