Bette Midler comments on “First Wives Club”

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Bette Midler / image by social media

New release on the OTT platform, Disney+ premiere of “Hocus Pocus 2” by filmmaker Anne Fletcher on September 30, 2022, just around the corner, of the Halloween season.
Given how popular sequels are these days, no one should be surprised that a second “Hocus Pocus” movie will be released in 2022. As an illustration, consider the 1996 comedy “First Wives Club,” which stars Bette Midler in a key part.

The Sanderson sisters, Winifred, Sarah, and Mary return from the dead in this sequel, which comes out 29 years after the original, to once again wreak havoc on Salem, Massachusetts as the only 3 iconic witchcrafts can. While not exactly a hit with audiences, it really has served as a delightful journey down memory lane for those who enjoyed the 1993 movie that began it all.
No matter how old a project is or how well or poorly received a franchise’s most recent installment was, anything may be cooked. Chances are if Hollywood thinks there is fan demand and money can be earned, there will be some sort of continuance. Just because a few people would desire to see a certain sequel doesn’t mean it will.

They learn that all of their ex-husbands had taken full advantage of them while they rejoin at their family funeral.

They decide to inflict payback on themselves because of a result. While “First Wives Club” grossed a tonne of money at the box office, it only received average reviews overall. Consequently, it begs the question of why a true sequel was not produced.

Gender biases reduce the likelihood that “First Wives Club 2” will be produced, as Bette Midler claimed to People in 2022. “They wouldn’t really like to repeat that for political reasons. And that always wounded my heart,” she continued, stressing that it is an accident if women are successful.

In an interview, Goldie Hawn backed up this assertion by discussing the economics of such a movie. The company gave the three lead actresses unsatisfactory pay to create the film considering their star power and the big success of the first film.

Sadly, a couple of annoying circumstances prevented a second “First Wives Club” movie from happening. Although it’s incredibly doubtful, it might yet take place in the future if the current studio landscape resembles the one in which the sequel was first proposed.