Twilight is a gay movie; says Kristen Stewart in an interview

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Kristen Stewart referred to “Twilight” a gay movie.

In a recent interview with Variety, Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart referred to the “Twilight” movie as a gay picture. She had a conversation with the interviewer about her profession and sexuality. At the 40th Sundance Film Festival, she will be honoured with the Visionary Award. 

Prior to the upcoming Sundance Film Festival, Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart referred to the fantasy series “Twilight” as a gay film. 

Kristen Stewart, played a role in a popular series’ Bella Swan, and she shared her experience of portraying the role in this film with Variety. The actress called attention to the film’s subtly suggestive “gay” themes.

Kristen said to Variety, “I’m just now able to view it. Though I don’t think it started that way, I also believe that my presence contributed to that film. From my perspective, it is such a homosexual flick. Jesus Christ, Taylor, Rob, and me, I mean, it’s so covert and unacceptable”. 

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She added further that, “All of this has to do with oppression and craving what will ultimately ruin you. I adore that very Gothic, queer leaning”.

The performer talked about her early days in the industry. Stewart said, “I think about how no stars of her age and stature ever came out when I grew up as a gay kid in the 1980s and ’90s,” in reference to her encounter with Jodie Foster.