“I hope people are gentle to her,” says Patricia Arquette over Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s release from prison

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Patricia Arquette shares her views about the release of Gypsy Rose Blanchard from prison on December 28, 2023. A 32-year-old was released from prison after serving the 85% of punishment, and now is out on parole. The lady was accused of the murder of her mother. Gypsy was found guilty for her part in Dee Dee’s 2015 murder in July 2016 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Patricia Arquette shares her views

Arquette has a relationship with Gypsy as he portrayed the role of her mother Clauddine “Dee Dee” Blanchard in 2019’s drama series The Act in which her role name was Joey King as Gypsy. At the Art of Elysium 2024 Heaven Gala held at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on Saturday, she gave her reaction when she heard Gypsy was being released to the PEOPLE.

She gave her statement about Gypsy “ She’s all grown up and she’s been through a lot. And there’s a weird thing of art imitating life and then reality”.

She expressed her gratitude for her, “I think going through something specific and difficult since childhood is very hard to understand. Back from many years in prison and to come into this age of Instagram craziness, TikTok is something I don’t know about. I hope it’s not too much and people are gentle with her”.

“I pray she enjoys her freedom. No child should ever go through that,” she continued. Arquette wished about Gypsy, “At the end she wished her the best and had a blissful life ahead”.

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Arquette also said that the story of Dee Dee and Gypsy’s was so amazing, because the script was so “unnatural,” her kids Harlow Jane and Enzo Rossi did not find this character good for playing the murder victim, who had Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MPS).