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Clementine Lea is a popular content creator and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. While she continues to grow her brand and her popularity, this California teen always puts school as her first priority.  Recently, I had the chance to interview Clementine on her career and her plans for 2023.

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How did you get started in the industry?

I started with acting & modeling at 11 years old then transitioned to be a lifestyle content creator in 2021. I currently attend school full time and did not have the time to pursue acting seriously anymore but I’m still enjoying content creation. 

How did you get started in content creation?

In 2019, I joined a teen YouTube collective:  there were multiple teens between 12 & 14 years old. We were all collaborating regularly, and all grew together! I ended up leaving in 2020 right around when COVID shut down everything and have been on my own since. I love to collaborate with other creators but also have learned to only depend on myself for content. I try to do relatable and lifestyle videos mostly. 

Social media can be both positive and negative. How do you handle negative comments?

It can be difficult sometimes and thankfully, there are not too many negative comments because I’m always very careful and thinking thoroughly about what I’m posting so as not to offend anyone. When there are negative ones, I try responding in a diplomatic way then brush it off and move on with my day. It’s always best to not take anything personally. 

What advice do you have for other teens that are dealing with negativity on their social media?

It is super important to balance social media interactions with real world social interactions. It’s also crucial to know that not everything on social media is real, a lot of it isn’t as a matter of fact! Sometimes, the negativity comes from ways we react to our friends’ posts. It can come from competitiveness or jealousy. My advice is also to block, mute, unfollow, and unfriend negative people!

What made you decide to start your own online store?

Since a young age, I have always wanted to sell products online. In 2021, I decided to sell my own merch then expanded to curate fashion styles that I liked and would wear. I love fashion in general and having my own brand has always been a dream of mine. I want to expand my collections though and create some more original designs. 

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How do you curate the clothes for your online store?

I source products from different suppliers that I handpicked but I’m actually in the process of creating a new line of products and will be relaunching my site later this year. Stay tuned!

You are also a straight A student. How do you balance school and your work as a content creator?

I must admit that it can certainly be difficult at times, and I often feel overwhelmed. Having excellent grades always takes priority over anything else. For example, I went home early last night to work on a 12-page research paper rather than staying out late with social influencers friends. Ultimately, I always try to do both with school always coming first!

You work with some great charities. Why is charity work important to you?

It’s important for me to give back to my local community when I’m able to because, not only does it feel good when I do, but I am also happier when knowing I’m of help to others. I think giving is always good because it shows human decency and helping people who may not be as fortunate as you is very important. I believe that with some of this charity work, opportunities are given to people who would not otherwise and that makes me so happy to know that I am pitching in to make someone’s life a little better. It also does not take a lot to volunteer, so I try whenever I can, such as volunteering at a cat shelter called Perrys Place every other Monday! 

What new projects do you have coming up?

I no longer act so I had to recently decline a few auditions. I’m essentially focused and working on content creation, some of which are branded videos. I also want to start working on a new clothing line collection that I will design uniquely. I need to sit down and brainstorm some more ideas though and really curate the products. 

Where can we follow you?

My favorite and most active platform is currently TikTok:

You can also follow me on Instagram @clementinelea and YouTube @clementinelea

Also make sure to visit my shop:

Photo Credit: Caroline Fratacci
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