J.R. Ridinger passed away due to pulmonary embolism at vacation

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Devastating news has arrived in Hollywood as the veteran J.R. Ridinger, a well-known businessman and socialite from Miami, passed away at the age of 63 from a pulmonary embolism while having a family vacation.

The family was travelling in Croatia when the tragedy occurred.

He was the founder of Market America and his wife, Loren, was regulars on the city’s social scene and had strong relationships with a number of renowned personalities, including Scottie Pippin, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and the Beckhams.

During these tough times Loren gave a statement on facebook account with teary eyes, “Everyone must understand that I am devastated, adding that she was speechless and in astonishment. My entire heart has now been torn out”.

J.R. Ridinger
J.R. Ridinger passed away/image by social media

She added further, “To put to rest the rumours that he fell, J.R. got a sudden pulmonary embolism when we were on our first family vacation in three years. In this attack he died on the spot and my life shattered a second.

She urged admirers that in these times, please pray and think about him”.

The Ridingers are reported to have travelled on a chartered boat rather than their $51 million super yacht Utopia IV. After colliding with and sinking an oil tanker on Christmas Eve in the Bahamas last December, the Utopia IV is currently undergoing repairs.

Her wife is now survived by his two daughters Amber and Amanda.

Personalities paid tribute to the man, “They lost a valuable one after the demise of my mate”, sports veteran Pippen wrote in a message on Wednesday. “J.R. gave me great advice and demonstrated how to start a business when I started my life after basketball”.

Khloe Kardashian and Victoria Beckham also expressed their sympathy.

The world has recently lost a vibrant human person who actually trusted those other persons far more than he thought in themselves, according to an email issued to employees by the family’s business.

No words, the statement said, “can sufficiently reflect our shock, our anguish, and our deep sadness at J.R.’s unfortunate demise. J.R. would want us to dedicate ourselves to carrying on the work he loved so much in order to commemorate his honour and posterity.

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