Kim Kardashian shredded pounds, looks slimmer than before

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image by social media

Recently the star, Kim Kardashian was spotted by the media and fans in front of an office complex in Los Angeles, California, appearing thinner than before while donning a plunging bodysuit and black military-style leggings.

In her pictures, her waist has become so little and she has been showcasing to her admirers.

After admitting last summer that she had shed more than 20 pounds, the model, 41, has raised questions about her reduced form.

The television personality was captured in one image leaving the structure with her golden blonde hair flowing down.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

While numerous other photos showed Kim on the phone with a serious expression on her face, she walked outside to take several conversations somewhere between appointments.

Fans are alarmed by the star’s slimmer appearance and fear that she may have gone too far with her diets and fitness regimens.

While numerous other photos showed Kim on the phone with a serious expression on her face, she walked outside to make a few calls in between meetings.

On the video, the fans from various walks of life commented, “This just isn’t okay at all.”

A different commenter said: “Her natural form is so much more appealing”.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

When Kim confessed to weight loss in 3 weeks to get into Marilyn Monroe’s famous gown for the Met Gala in May, rumours about her weight started to circulate.

She reportedly retaliated against those who criticised her for fat loss, claiming she did not go in a healthy way.

“I have my dietitian, though. I had a coach. More water has never been consumed in my life “, she said.

She continued, “I do not even understand the criticism of those who have downsized for roles since they are regarded as geniuses in their fields”.

The celebrity continued, “There are a number of assertions on the internet that are false and inaccurate.”

It really helped me learn a lot regarding my approach to life and good wellbeing, and ever since, I’ve kept eating incredibly healthily, she remarked on a television show.

She added further, “I don’t intend to continue attempting to reduce weight, but I feel more energised than before”.

They disclosed that Kim’s family is worried because she is “rarely resting” and shedding too many pounds.

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