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Lucas Lockwood is a Brazilian born actor living out his dream in Hollywood. As an actor he has been on such hit shows as S.W.A.T. and Hacks. Through his production company, Lockwood Entertainment, he is working on projects that will make a difference in the industry. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing this talented actor about his career and his plans for 2024.

What drew you into acting?

For me, storytelling through film has always been extremely fun and entertaining. As I’ve gotten to know people from different walks of life, I’ve enjoyed sharing their stories, giving them a chance to see themselves on screen, creating a more inclusive experience. I also love the change of scenery, so performing different characters with different career paths and backgrounds has always been a fun challenge for me.

What is your process for breaking down a character?

My approach to character breakdown involves a comprehensive interview process where I pose probing questions to the character. This method helps me unravel the character’s origin, motivations, and the driving forces that define their essence. By meticulously deconstructing these elements, I find it easier to embody the character authentically, ensuring a genuine portrayal.

What do you look for in a film role?

In a movie, I look for characters that have depth to them but also want to change and bring change into their world. I like superhero-style characters or characters that end up being heroes to their supporting characters.

What is your advice for keeping a healthy work/life balance?

Life is not just the characters we get to play but more the memories we create with those around us and, occasionally, the film and TV shows we book. My motto states, “Do all you can and then let go and let God take care of the rest.” There is only so much we control, and it’s not healthy to overanalyze every audition or gig we book or don’t book. Ultimately, my self-worth is not based on what roles I booked, but the person I am now and who I’m becoming. In the entertainment world, it’s all selection, not rejection, and confidence is generated the moment that understanding is built, making it easier to create a work-life balance that allows you to be present with friends and family.

Photo Credit: @carlos.mikelangelo

Tell us something people would be surprised to learn about you.

Contrary to the rugged and military roles commonly associated with my professional portfolio, a surprising aspect about me is my genuine appreciation for musicals. I thoroughly enjoy musicals and have fully memorized Hamilton and Moulin Rouge, as well as others.

What are your goals for 2024?
My objective in 2024 is to diversify my professional portfolio by exploring a range of roles and expanding my production company (Lockwood Entertainment). Building on different geographical accent roles with even more profound, rougher, nuanced backgrounds simultaneously, I aim to continue the growth of my production company by expanding its meaningful connections with accomplished directors and producers. This expansion initiative is underscored by a dedicated focus on growing and enhancing my knowledge and experience in feature films and commercial projects.

Any upcoming projects you can share?

Indeed, my team and I are currently developing two series that we have written, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to unveil them soon. We recently had a table read, and I am pleased to hint that the content reflects a compelling blend of the dynamic humor found in “New Girl” and the edginess of “The Boys.”

8. Where can we follow you on social media?
On Instagram & Threads I am @LucasLockwood_
On X & TikTok I am @Lucas_Lockwood

Photo Credit: @carlos.mikelangelo

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