Two Academy Award winners Michelle Yeoh and Gwyneth Paltrow posed at premiere of Netflix’s “The Brothers Sun”

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Academy Award winners Michelle Yeoh and Gwyneth Paltrow were spotted attending an event on Thursday evening at the Netflix Tudum Theater. Both the actresses were smiling and shining as they gave a pose to the media at the event.

They came to attend the Los Angeles premiere of Netflix’s “The Brothers Sun” at the Netflix Tudum Theater. They both were looking elegant and stylish at the event.

61-year old Yeoh was seen wearing a fashion statement tiger-print trench coat paired with boots. While talking about her hairstyle, she made a clean ponytail pulled back, with wispy bangs framing her face. Paltrow, 51, stood beside her while posing giving a radiating smile, wearing a stunning long-sleeved bright red dress. The dress featured a deep neckline and a skinny belt complementing her waist.

The to be launched series on Netflix, “The Brothers Sun,” Yeoh played a role of Mama Sun, a Taiwanese gangster’s wife, in this action comedy. Interesting part is that Paltrow is married to Brad Falchuk, the co-creator of the Netflix series.

As per the sources, The Netflix series revolves around a Taipei triad member who travels to Los Angeles to protect his mother and younger brother when they fall into the trap of a mysterious enemy.

In an exclusive interview, Yeoh shared how she expects from the audience on this project “The Brothers Sun.” She expressed her desire for viewers to see the new side of her as she played some different roles this time and discover her mischievous side.

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The Oscar winner emphasized that this role is unique for her, as she has never been part of a contemporary action comedy show set in the world of gangsters till now. For her this project was an opportunity to bring the East to the West in a thrilling display of action.

Her straightforward approach seemed to have motivated everyone to give their best from day one. Yeoh humorously re-loved her first encounter with the young cast, where she smartly warned them not to waste her time, or else she would kick their butts in a humorous way.

“The Brothers Sun” is now available for streaming on Netflix, offering audiences a delightful blend of action and comedy.