Popcaan, Quavo, and the Internet reacts to Drake’s Man Bun

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image by social media

Drake is hitting the headlines as he recently changed his appearance, adopted a man bun in place of his braids.

You can still count on Drake to deliver someone different and innovative since the OVO rapper has done such a good job of changing himself, at least in the context of his appearance and his music. The musician is presently on holiday in Turks and Caicos with a few well buddies, like Popcaan and Lil Yachty, however many are buzzing over his new man bun.

In addition to publishing pictures of his different haircut, Drake also uploaded a video of himself getting it done. In one of the images showing him seated at a gaming table, he said, “Give this person a name”. Fans are applauding the new look of his.

Drake’s Man Bun – image by social media

While he’s been placing some very significant wagers, his current gambling tendencies have not gone ignored.

Naturally, Drake only allows his prominent buddies to post comments, so there are many well-known people offering advice. “Big pimpin me killy,” wrote Popcaan. Quavo, a member of the Migos, also expressed his opinion by writing, “razor aubrey ramone alias scott hall.”

Apart from me, “all of that has altered,” was what Drizzy stated in another post. The rapper included a number of photographs and videos within this blog about his as well as the other guys’ activities in the Caribbean. Drake travels to Turks and Caicos, his preferred Caribbean island, at least several times a year, when he leases out a full villa for his holiday.

The Jamaican rapper joined Popcaan to prolong his vacation a few times when the Toronto rapper stopped there.

Before the release of his most recent album, Honestly Nevermind, in March, Drake made an appearance sporting cornrows in his hair. It appears the relocation was made in anticipation of his record release.

Whenever he is going to release new music, he generally shakes things up a little, and don’t miss how he previously announced the release of a mix tape in response to the mixed reception his album received from fans. He incite the curiosity in his admirers that is why the songs go hit.