Prince William and Kate Middleton to honour Earthshot prize in US

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Earth-shot Prize will be honoured in the United States by Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The pair had previously stated that the second Earth-shot Prize awards event will take place in the United States. William is the founder of the International environment awards in October 2020

On Wednesday, they provided the precise location on Twitter by revealing that they would be travelling to Boston in December.

Prince William

In 2022, at the end of the year, the next five Prize winners will be announced at Earthshot, said William.

The legendary baseball team’s home stadium, Fenway Park, is then seen in the film, where Red Sox All-Star Xander Bogaerts is playing.

Bogaerts adds from the outfield, “And we’ll be doing it right here in Boston.

The name of the award that was inspired is The Moonshot Prize.

President John F. Kennedy set a famous 10-year objective to travel to the moon, which served as inspiration for the Earthshot Prize. It encourages effective solutions to the most urgent serious challenges facing the planet.

The pair said in a statement that while they are in Boston, Massachusetts, they would also highlight and honour the “beautiful” city for its efforts to combat the effects of climate change and create a sustainable future.

The last visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to New York was in 2014. After they tied the knot in 2011, they made their first trip to the United States as a couple and travelled to Los Angeles.

The time they updated the query on Twitter platform on July 19, Kate and Prince William, both 40, gave away that there will soon be an announcement.

William gave the statement to the media, after the first Earthshot Prize ceremony in October. He said, “The severity of the problem can’t be stressed.” But I want to demonstrate to people all throughout the world why there is cause for optimism through the Earthshot Prize.

We can give people hope that a healthier, more sustainable future is within reach by recognising their initiatives, supporting them, and growing them to their full potential.

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