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Photo Credit: Ava Cantrell 

Shelia’ Celine is an actress and singer based in Los Angeles. She is as bubbly as she is talented! I recently interviewed Shelia’ about her career and her plans for the future. Her answers may surprise you.

What drew you into acting and music?

My Mom definitely got me interested in the acting industry. Growing up, I used to go with her on set.  I loved watching her act and portray her characters. As far as rapping, my mom also inspired me to rap.  

What is your process for breaking down a character?

I have had some roles that were similar to how I really am, so those roles were easy to get into character. Other than that, I read the character description to understand the character and how I have to bring it to life. Next, I study each line to see what emotion that line is supposed to have. 

What do you look for in an acting role?

I like to look for different characters for my roles.  Someone bubbly, fun and outgoing, but also something with like a sensitive girl because that’s how I am.  I also would like my roles to have rapping, and awesome dancing scenes. 

What is your song writing process?

So first I choose the beat that I’m going to use, then I try to get the mood of how I’m going to say it. When I try to think of lyrics, I think of stuff that I do my in my life, and currently. I put that into rhymes, and that’s how I make my songs. 

Photo Credit: Ava Cantrell 

What do you love about music?

I really love the different styles of music. Hip-hop, pop, and country. I really like how people share their creative side in the music industry. I also like doing music because it shows off different sides of myself. 

How do you balance school and work? 

I balance school, and work by being homeschooled which allows me to do it all. I can do homework, submit an audition, take acting lessons all in the same day.  I have a very unique schedule. Also, when I’m on set I have a set teacher.  The set teachers are usually very hands-on when I’m on set and they help me get my work done on time.  

Tell us something people would be surprised to learn about you.

Something people may be surprised to learn about me is that, when I get older, I want to be a detective.  I want to learn how to solve crimes. I’m all about solving puzzles, and mysteries. 

What are your goals for 2023?

My goal for 2023 are simple. I’m trying to become a healthier version of myself. I’m doing yoga and working out more. I’m starting a no meat diet pretty soon and I’m excited for that. 

Any upcoming projects you can share?

 I just did a co-starring role on Nickelodeon network, but I can’t share too much about it. So, stay tuned.

Photo Credit: Ava Cantrell 
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