Fans showered love on Joseph Quinn’s character in 4th season of Stranger Things as Eddie Munson

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The overwhelming response from the public on Joseph Quinn’s portrayal of Eddie Munson in the fourth season of Stranger Things has set records.

Due to his guitar solo during Metallica’s Master of Puppets in the finale episode, the actor in particular had everyone talking about it. The actor recently joined Metallica backstage at Lollapalooza after earning accolades from them for the same reason.

They got up with both the British actor, whose metal head character has sparked a tremendous attention for the band’s 1986 hit throughout season 4 of the Netflix sci-fi series, in such a video that was broadcast by Netflix hours before the band took the stage at the music festival.

Metallica vocalist James Hetfield discussed being a fan of the programme with Quinn in the video, adding, “I really like Stranger Things and have been involved since the first season. It’s a connecting moment for my kids and me.” Quinn also discussed the song with the band in regards to learning it for his performance in the play, saying, “For two years, I just listened to it. I feel really connected to all of you.”

Joseph Quinn
Joseph Quinn photo by social media

Quinn’s participation in a jam session with the band to the same song was also seen in the video.

Ulrich added a light hearted aside, “We’d like to make an announcement: Metallica is now a five-piece, gentlemen.” Ulrich laughed as well. Hammett allegedly told the Stranger Things actor, “You’re hired,” after being pleased by his guitar playing.

Fans were pleased to see Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson break out into a full-blown electric guitar performance of Metallica’s Master of Puppets, and he received all praise for it. Quinn discussed the “overwhelming” fan response and his involvement filming the momentous sequence in a recent interview with news platforms.

Upon asking how they felt after performing, “Even though it is blatantly stupid, it seems joyful and deserved, and it feels like the ideal climax to this sort of absurd scenario”.  He said that being a member of the Stranger Things cast has been “extremely fulfilling” for him in a statement on the show and the ensemble.

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