Surfing and Skateboarding master, David passed away at 24

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image by social media

David, hailing from Hawaii, a professional in Surfing and Skateboarding left for heaven’s abode journey on Saturday at together of 24. His body and extreme sports photographer Peter King revealed the reports to the news.

King shared heart-wrenching news on Instagram, saying, “Kalani died away in Costa Rica tonight.” He added the cause of death “While surfing, he experienced a severe seizure”.

There, he had reconnected with relatives and was having a blast vacation.

“I’ll never forget your enthusiasm when we would shoot, skate, and surf, as well as how much optimism you had for the future”, said his friend.

David passed away at 24/image by social media

People showed sadnesses on his departure, “God bless your immediate and extended families for being there for you.

Kalani Dav competing in the 2019 Pipe Invitational, the preliminary round for the famous Pipe Masters.

Previous to 2016, when a seizure caused him to fall severely while skating in California, David had experienced seizures.

“Unfortunately, I contracted a seizure due to which I collapsed to the ground, and then woke up in an ambulance with a stopped heart. When I arrived at the hospital following that, I had three seizures. I am so thankful to god for giving me another chance to live” he wrote moment on Instagram.

David was questioned again by Surfing magazine about whether he got the cause of the seizure or understood the entire procedure.

Doctors believe that the causes behind the seizure was Wolf Neurodegenerative disorders Syndrome, which messes up the energy that goes through my heart, he said, adding that they’re unsure for sure.

“I need surgical removal of all the muscle because it causes an extra muscle to grow on my heart and that increases my heart rate way too much.”