Tristen Nash, son of famous WWE Kevin Nash passes untimely at the age of 26

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Tristen Nash / image by social media

The wrestler’s fraternity has gathered to express their sorrow over a loss of a young boy who succumbed to his life at 26. 

As stated in a declaration issued on behalf of the Nash family, issued a statement recently in which they said with grief, “Tristen Nash, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, passed suddenly at the age of 26”. The reason for the death is not identified yet. 

Wrestling writer Sean Ross Sapp published the message, which said, “On behalf of Kevin and Tamara Nash, I must regretfully announce that their son Tristen Nash has sadly departed for heaven tour at the age of 26.”

The news is devastating as recently, Kevin and Tristen just started working together on his new show, and they both found it enjoyable.

The message said, “The Bush family requests that you respectfully protect their privacy at these tough times.”

Sean Oliver, a co-host of Kevin’s Kliq This show, tweeted his sympathies in the aftermath of Tristen’s demise. He tweeted, “I met a terrific young man this year named Tristen. Big things were scheduled for him, but it was never to be,” his father said. 

“He collaborated with me and his dad on a podcast we had, and showed to be clever, kind, wise, hilarious, and sophisticated above his small number of years”.

The news shredded the heart as the young man left this life behind suddenly, and said, “To steal a heart so pure, full of possibility, is brutality without comprehension. Didn’t hesitate. I have his final message to me: ‘Love you man.'”, said Oliver while mourning the loss.  

Tristen contributed to his father’s podcast in addition to performing in the band The Builders.

Tristen possessed a plethora of skills that include, a writer, a podcast producer, and the vocalist and composer for the band The Builders, as per flashed on his social networking sites. He was a multi-lingual person who was fluent in Creole, French, and English, which was even more astounding. 

If we stalk them on his Facebook page, he lived in Ponce Inlet, Florida, but was originally from Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Additionally, he was happy to be contributing to his father’s Kliq This podcast, which he contributed approximately precisely one week before his passing.